Before Arriving

It is best not to feed your pet/s or get them wet within three hours prior to their grooming appointment.

On Arrival

  • For safety, we suggest all pets are on lead when handed to groomer.
  • It is also appreciated if you could toilet your pet prior to arrival.
  • Clients who choose to watch during the groom are advised that an extra charge could apply if the pet misbehaves or the groom is made difficult or extended for any reason.  

Cancellations Policy

At least 2 business days’ notice (3 days if multiple dogs) is required for appointment change / cancellation to enable us to fill your spot/s. If not, a prepaid booking fee for your next appointment may apply as we rely on a minimum amount of revenue per day to continue our service.

Important Notes

We've chosen this profession because we love pets. Our policy is to place your pet's feelings first and will only groom humanely and safely. We do not de-matt or sedate pets. If a pet needs to be sedated, please administer medication ½ - 1 hour before appointment.

For pets that are extremely matted or have behavioural issues, you may be required to sign a release form.

  • Prices may increase annually by CPI without notice.
  • A current C5 vaccination of your pet is recommended.
  • Service cost increase in increments according to the sizes of “small”, “medium”, “large”, “extra-large” dogs and “length and condition of coat”. 

Additional charges may also apply for :

  • Aggressive, difficult or special needs dogs;
  • Larger than “Breed Standard” size dogs;
  • Matted, extra-long, or flea infested coats.

 These require extra products and/or extensive work as extra time, skill, and TLC is needed for the wellbeing of your pet and a professional finish.